Australian Safety Corporation is staffed exclusively with advisors holding extensive regulatory experience. All advisors have career service in government enforcement and compliance roles and understand the complexities of prosecuting occupational offences. We use this knowledge to safeguard the business we support with accurate measures to protect their people and business interests.


Safety & Health Assessment, Improvement and Assurance Services

ASC works with business owners, managers and workers at all tiers to identify potential exposures. We then offer practical and realistic measures that will reduce the risk associated with work using our extensive exposure to real workplace incidents.

Our advice is not theoretically based. We are aware of the methods that are not effective and have led to harm occurring through regulatory investigation experience. Paying it forward, we use that insight to provide only realistic and effective methods for preventing harm.


Safety is a shared responsibility

We offer safety protection advice for business owners and managers at all levels. We cover nearly all sectors and industries in Australia and focus on compliance against state law as well as being easy to manage by the business. Our approach is non-disruptive and without dominance or ego. The last thing an owner wants to hear is how to run their business. We explore options to make the work area safe that are cost effective and do not complicate the tasks.

Not every business needs the same thing, so depending on the context of the work, we can assist or develop:


For consistent & non-changing tasks


For prescription around workers behaviour

Safe Work Method Statements

For high risk work

Risk registers

For evidencing risk awareness

Induction packages

To cover all required areas of safety

Tender submissions

To meet evidence requirements of safety

Contract review

Contract review

Construction methodology statements

Prescribing the site construction work method

Contractor or sub-contractor assessment
Safety Management Plans
ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Plans


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I'm a sole trader and I've been asked to produce SWMS for a job coming up.
Certain tasks are prescribed as high risk and must not be carried out until a number of measures have been taken. That also includes preparation of Safe Work Method Statements for that task.
Short answer..yes.
Once you have, or plan to have 5 or more workers (including contractors and sub-contractors) on the site at any given time, you must have an Occupational Health and Safety Management Plan in place, and it must be prepared in advance.
Yes. They are carrying work on your behalf and if you have not instructed or provided them with the resources and knowledge for them to carry out the task safely, you may be liable for enforceable outcomes associated with that work.
Yes. There is no need for an outcome of risk to have occurred in order for a person to be in breach of safety law. It only needs to be proven that a person was exposed to a risk that could have caused harm.
No. Safety responsibilities are not transferable. You can delegate tasks to others to perform on your behalf such as conducting risk assessment, but you do not relinquish responsibility for the activity being executed correctly.